We are now accepting applications for our “Founding” Partners.
If selected, Founding Partners get:
– 1,000 FLAG tokens
– a free feature article to be published for you or your business in Global Business Daily and Star Media Journal
– standard partner royalty is 20% commission on placements that originate from you and/or your company 
– you will be recognized as a Founding Partner on Flag Media’s social media



// Become a Flag Media Business Partner

Partner Benefits

Publishing Guarantee

Guarantee your clients priority placements in popular publications

Flag Tokens

Partners earn valuable FLAG tokens with every client placement

Partner Royalties

Earn up to 20% on each placement or choose your own markup amount

Flag Media partner
Social Media

Business partners enjoy promotion on Flag social media channels


Partners get one free placement per month to promote their own business


We are not client-facing. Organic inquiries are passed to our partners.


More than a dozen popular publications can help amplify your message

Avg Daily Visitors

Each of our publications are growing in popularity every day

// what we offer

Your Partner for
Innovation in Promotion + Exposure

Flag Media offers a unique opportunity for partners to offer next level promotion to your clients. Imagine the promotional and reputation value of having your clients featured in popular publications. 

We can help you create long term stability with your clients.

// what you can expect

Views, Action, Results

Every article published in one of our publications sees an average of 525 views. With articles having the ability to feature text, images, videos, and links, the touch points are multiplied, giving the client a greater opportunity for exposure, action, and results.

  • It takes 48 hours or less for a client article to be published.
  • 70% of client articles see the first and/or second page of Google.
  • On average, clients have seen a 25% uptick in traffic and action from having feature articles published.

Frequent Questions?

Flag Media owns numerous digital publications. 

The bottom line of what we do is provide exposure, promotion, and third-party credibility. You can provide the content for a feature article or we can write it for you. Then we guarantee to place that article in one or more of our popular publications, such as Global Business DailyCEO ExtraStar Media Journal, and others. In addition to normal text content, each article can have images, videos, and website links embedded in it to make it even more impressive!

Once the article is published, you will be sent a link to that article and you can promote everywhere that you’ve been “Featured In” or “As Seen In” the various publications.

There are no contracts, fees, or term lengths to this partnership. Once you are approved as a partner, you are a partner and can start sending client articles for publishing immediately.

Out of the thousands of people we are reaching out to, we are focused on only signing up maybe two dozen ‘Founding Partners’. To understand the value and importance of the Founding Partner program, let’s look at Beth…

Beth is the owner of a regional marketing/branding/pr agency. On average, her company has 25 active clients, sometimes more, sometimes less. Beth was accepted as a Flag Media Founding Partner and in a given month, she has only 10 of her clients having feature articles published. Five of the clients will each do 1 article placement per week and 5 clients will each do 2 article placements per week – for a total of 60 placements per month across Beth’s entire client base.

Using the example of 60 placements per month, Beth will earn approximately $4,800 in partner fees from the placements. She will also be awarded 600 FLAG tokens (10 per paid placement), valued at just over $12,000 total. In addition, as a Founding Partner, Beth was awarded 1,000 FLAG tokens valued at $21,000. Beth will also earn 6 free placements per month (1 for every 10 paid client placements – valued at $2400) that she can use to run articles for her own agency. Beth’s company will be featured in the partner marquee on the Flag Media website and her company will also be promoted on Flag’s social accounts. As a Founding Partner, if Flag Media receives a direct client inquiry, Beth is now eligible to be given that inquiry as a new client lead and manage the placement process for that client and receive all of the benefit associated with it as if it were her client all along (Flag Media does not take direct clients).

All of this was free and easy for Beth to sign up and a very simple message for her and her team to present to their clients as an exciting new solution for exposure, credibility, and promotion.

The cost is $400 per placement (one article in one publication = one placement).

The $400 fee includes the guaranteed publishing of the article and allows the client to add image(s), video link(s) or embedded video, and other URL link(s).

The process is simple. Since the article is for your client, you will handle collecting the info and getting it to us. There is no set length for an article or content standard. Some people like shorter articles (blog length) and some people prefer something longer. There is no right or wrong. Once you collect the text content for the article, also make sure you have an image to send as well as any videos that need to be embedded and links that need to be added at the end. Also make sure we have the appropriate keyword for the article, which will help with SEO.

On the Flag Media site you will see all of the publications. We usually help identify the most appropriate publications and make suggestions upon receipt of the article. Some clients want to target specific publications and that is great with us as well.

Payments for placements are done through credit card or ACH payments. We have a payment page on the website that you (or your client) will use to submit payment with the placement(s).

Standard fees are based on volume. From 1-10 placements per month, the fee is 10%. Once you hit placement number 11, you get a 5% increase to 15% and then after placement number 25, another 5% increase to 20%.

Fees are paid to you upon successful payment for you clients’ placements. We will send you fees based on your selected method (standard, wholesale, etc). Payment to you can be made through most feasible transfer methods (zelle, paypal, venmo, etc.)

Everybody loves and every business needs promotion, credibility, and exposure. Sharing this with other people is as simple as telling them that you have a path to get a feature article about them and/or their business published quickly in reputable publications like Global Business Daily, Star Media Journal, CEO Extra, and others; and the cost to do it is way less than they might think. 

The actions associated with the feature article have to be managed by the marketing/PR agency and not us. We can guarantee publishing and help with the formatting of the article. We will make suggestions for keywords as well as other optimization aspects, but we don’t control click-throughs or actions taken on your client’s website. That is, and always will be a function of the marketing team.

Partners will earn 10 FLAG tokens every time they submit a paid article for publishing.

To receive the tokens, you must have a Polygon wallet address and submit a request for tokens after the paid article is published.

Partners can request a story reposting or retweet on the Flag Media social media channels to help give you a social media boost. 

Active partners who submit 10 or more article placements per month qualify for a free article placement for themselves or their business.

Active partners who submit 10 or more article placements per month have access to the entire Flag Media network of services and professionals, including reputation management services, crypto/NFT assistance, and business referrals (as deemed appropriate).

The Partner Support page will provide active partners with the placement form as well as updated partner FAQ.


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