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We curate Google news and feature stories and articles for our partner's clients.

The Flag Media team has more than three decades of experience in building brands and helping entrepreneurs and businesses share their stories with the world.

We find areas where your business can be more productive and successful and then we help you develop the path to get it there.

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// Supporting Your Clients

We Are Exclusively Partner-Focused

You can feel great knowing that Flag Media is your behind-the-scenes partner. We don’t go direct to clients, so we won’t be competing with you.

Our 100% goal is to support your business and help you keep your clients happy and secure for the longest period of time. We do this by providing a guaranteed service that they can’t get from other companies. When you get offer a great service that clients cannot get elsewhere, you immediately have a competitive advantage.

// Experience. Execution. Excellence.

The POWER of the Network

We Tell Your Story

The ability to guarantee placement, promotion and impact is a result of a massive effort to secure one of the strongest portfolios of high domain authority Digital Publications.

Featuring Stories That Matter

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We have more than 50 publications in our portfolio. We will be relaunching all the properties, a few at a time.

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We curate thousands of Google news stories every day across our network of publications.